TB3 is the size of a bowling pin.

So this week started with an early morning flight to LA to go see a college buddy and T-Daddy’s frat bro get married. The wedding was beautiful and it was like a college reunion of sorts.

Buuuuuuuttttt. Flying when you’re congested is not a good idea. In case anyone was thinking of doing that. I spent the first half of our trip with the left side of my face in pain. After a couple days of Nettie Pot treatments, I was better just in time for the wedding. T-Daddy and I were able to do a few things together. I wouldn’t say we made the most of our kid-free time, but we took advantage as much as my allergies/asthma/pregnancy-induced state would allow.

We came back to a whirlwind of just trying to play catchup. I still feel like I’m so behind on life, but keeping it moving. Or trying to at least.

The highlight of this week was seeing BUB and her kids. She was in town and tried to surprise me – it kinda worked but it’s the thought that counts. Hoping that the good vibes and feelings continue on next week.