TB3 is the size of a camping lantern.

TB3’s the size of a camping lantern and this week kinda felt like I was lost in the wilderness soooo I guess I really could’ve used a metaphoric lantern.

This week was filled with doctor visits for me and the girls, plus I ran out of gas – the first time ever in my entire driving life. But that’s not even the worst part of this week. *Never ask “can it get any worse?” The answer is YES!! Always YES.*

Sooooo TD1 has been suffering from allergies seems like forever. She also has eczema and very sensitive skin. When she’s itchy, it’s rough. Lots of whiny and crying and just miserableness. While in LA, one of our friends just happened to mention that many cases of eczema are food-related. I made a mental note since we had an allergist appointment coming up for her. I requested that she gets tested for ALL THE THINGS. We found out that she’s allergic to like every kind of tree and grass and weed….aaaand peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and corn. CORN.

I mean I’ve heard of some crazy allergies, so I’m not surprised. But I most definitely was not prepared for the amount of foods that have corn in them. Corn is in some things you’d never expect. Like my beloved Lawry’s seasoning.

Of course Day 1, we go to a birthday celebration and I have to tell her she can’t have any of the birthday cake because it has at least 2-3 corn products in there. And of course, like any seven-year-old, she gets sad and starts crying. I felt like the worst mom.

And the whole time, I’m thinking, “Lord, please don’t let TB3 have any allergies and if s/he does, PLEASE let them be peanuts, tree nuts, or sesame seeds. And please don’t let TD1’s corn allergy be severe because well I miss Lawry’s and I don’t want to be a bad mom.”

So yeah, that’s Week 27. I sense there will be a lot of stressing happening next week as I try to sort out this whole allergy thing.