TB3 is the size of a foam finger.

This was the week of the BIG reveal. And let’s be honest – no one really cares about anything else this week. If you missed it live (or just want to see it again), you can check it out on IGTV.

For all those concerned, T-Daddy is fine  for the moment. We didn’t have to rush him to the hospital and he’s not in the sunken place. I think we’ll be good. 

Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us and tuned in online. I had a lot of fun coming up with the ideas and your support and enthusiasm along this journey has definitely been appreciated. A huge shout out to my brother for not hanging up on me when I called and asked him to sing the song I wrote. And Art Partii for leading the paint reveal. If you’re ever in the Houston or Chicago area and would like to host a paint and sip party, check them out.

This week ended with a growth ultrasound to make sure TB3 is growing okay since I’ve been on asthma meds for most of this pregnancy. 

Good news: she’s fine (and yes, she’s a she. I was shown her parts as confirmation). Weighing in at 4lb 10oz and a week ahead of her due date. When the doctor told me her projected birth weight (7.5-8+lbs), I was sure she’d be my biggest baby. But apparently, I don’t remember what the TDs weighed at birth, so we’ll see if she’s bigger than her sisters. Their birth weights were:
TD1: 7lb 10oz
TD2: 6lb 15oz

We’re in the last 8 weeks. So close but still so far.