Temi and her Big Girl Sippy

Earlier this week, I went to San Diego for work. When my trip was over, I was picked up from the airport by a knocked out toddler who woke up as soon as the car stopped moving. Upon seeing my face, she immediately got the biggest smiled, grabbed my face and brought it close to hers. She then proceeded to shower me with an assortment of hugs and kisses that never tasted so sweet. The joy she she felt was so pure it shone through her eyes. The love shower continued as we made our way into the apartment where she opened her mouth wide and for the first time, I noticed her tooth…..WAIT WHAT???!!! Tooth? When did THAT get here? Yeah, when I left, the princess had four, count them 1…2…3…4 teeth, now she has five. And it’s not just coming in, no, it’s already in. My, oh my, where does the time go?

Temi’s favorite activity is leaving. She likes to bolt out open doors. Wave bye bye. She even created and sang her own bye bye song as her and Daddy were leaving for work yesterday. Sometimes, she will even grab me or Daddy’s finger and lead us to the apartment door.

Temi on the phone with her Nana

Since I’ve been back, Temi has been waking up in the middle of the night with these bloodcurdling screams and refusing to go back no matter how much I rock or kiss her. Thursday night/Friday morning was absolutely horrible. It took forever to put her to sleep and then when I finally went to sleep, she woke up. I’d only been sleep an hour. She was inconsolable. Screaming at the top of her lungs. Then she would kick furiously and throw herself all over the bed. All with her eyes clothes. I’ve never seen anything like this. Besides it being frustrating for the lack of sleep, I also felt so helpless and heartbroken. Whatever it was that was causing her to act and scream out like this, I couldn’t do anything about it. On top of that, it was just agonizing. My happy-go-lucky, sweet, sleep-thru-the-night, blow-you-kisses-and-smile-all-day girl was screaming in pure pain or terror (or both). Such a complete contrast to what I’ve been used to.

And now, a word from our Temi: rrc 4x4eelweplelell2w121,m