T-Talks: Girl Scouts

TD2: Mommy, I really want be in Girl Scouts.

T-Mommy: Maybe next year Sweetie when you’re a little older.

TD2: But I want do it now!

*meltdown ensues for 0.5 seconds*

TD2: *singing* I wanna be a Girl Scout, a Girl Scout.

And she sang that song while she put her shoes and coat on, we walked to the car and the entire time we were in the car.


4 thoughts on “T-Talks: Girl Scouts”

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised….she is really adamant about being a Girl Scout. I’m gonna wake up and she’s gonna be wearing TD1’s vest 😳

    1. Lol!! We appreciate your support. You helped TD1 exceed her goal this year. And don’t worry about your diet. I’ll come work out with you 😂🤣

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